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The Gun Industry in America

The national debate over gun violence rarely focuses attention on the role of the gun industry in enabling this public health crisis.



Why We Fight To End Gun Violence

Click here to view all videos in the "Why I Fight To End Gun Violence" series. Gun violence affects nearly everyone. Close to 40,000 Americans die and more than 100,000 are injured by gun violence every year. With numbers that large, it's easy to lose sight of the individual stories of those directly affected by...



End Gerrymandering To Help Prevent Gun Violence

Putting an end to gerrymandering could lead to tougher gun legislation at the state level—and, as a result, safer communities.



Beyond Our Borders but Within Our Control

Weak laws in the United States, along with high rates of gun manufacturing, fosters an environment ripe for cross-border gun trafficking, wreaking havoc within Mexico.


Transforming the Culture of Power

Dismantling the culture of power that sustains and fuels gender-based violence requires a comprehensive, national strategy that connects meaningful policy solutions across the diverse issues affecting survivors and communities.



Bullet Control

While national attention is primarily focused on gaps in U.S. gun laws, weak oversight of the ammunition industry also exacerbates gun violence.