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States Are Laying a Road Map for Climate Leadership

The United States lacks federal climate action, so state and local governments are leading the way and creating polices for a just and inclusive clean energy economy.



Digital Contact Tracing To Contain the Coronavirus

Digital contact tracing, if built in a voluntary, privacy-protective way using Apple and Google’s new Bluetooth-based standards, may allow the public to play a role in containing the coronavirus alongside increased testing and manual contact tracing from public health authorities.


RELEASE: CAP Report Details the Need for an Expansive Fourth Coronavirus Relief Package

Washington, D.C. — An in-depth report from the Center for American Progress lays out a series of recommendations for what Congress should include in its fourth coronavirus relief package. In the first three packages, Congress provided a down payment on the emergency response to the dual public health and economic crises. But with each passing...


A National and State Plan To End the Coronavirus Crisis

A coherent, evidence-based plan is needed to reopen the economy without sparking a second wave of infections.



The Enforcement of COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders

As the novel coronavirus pandemic intensifies, officials must be vigilant in educating and persuading the public to adhere to stay-at-home orders, only using the criminal justice process as a last resort.