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17 Ways Companies Can Help Americans Vote Safely

This election, forward-looking businesses can provide an essential service to their communities—preserving the right to vote while also protecting their stakeholders from COVID-19.



Building a Just Climate Future for North Carolina

Amid the deadly threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists have detailed how the ongoing threat of climate change is expected to worsen in the future, highlighting the need for state leaders to accelerate actions to provide access to pollution-free energy and build healthy climate change-ready communities.



5 Immediate Steps To Rein in DHS in the Wake of Portland

The recent actions by U.S. Department of Homeland Security personnel on the streets of Portland, Oregon, and across the country raise significant concerns about a department out of control.



It’s Past Time To Grant D.C. Statehood

Making Washington, D.C., a state would end more than 200 years of disenfranchisement for the Americans who call it home.


White Elephant Watch: Vol. 7

The Portsmouth Bypass represents a broken and deeply cost-ineffective theory of economic development that assumes reducing vehicle travel time—rather than investing in people and places facing economic distress—will unlock economic development.



How an Incomplete Census Hurts Georgians

Unless the deadline for completing the census is immediately extended, residents of Georgia could stand to lose millions in federal funding for critical programs.